Chari joined Delaware Valley Family Business Center in 2009 as the Financial Controller. Chari is a graduate of Messiah College with a BS in Human Resource Management, and has worked in the finance, benefits, accounting and personnel fields for 30 years.

She grew up in a family business and was a 4th generation family business owner.  Along with her family, she walked through the difficult transition of selling the business, and worked as the Financial Controller both before and after the sale. This experience brings her a depth of understanding of the arduous process and varied emotions associated with family business transitions, as well as the challenges of working with extended family.

Chari lives in Telford with her husband Angelo, her 3 children and also is joined by her 3 step-children part of the year.  She also shares her home with an ever-changing group of animals, including dogs, cats, ducks, goats and chickens.  She enjoys traveling to new areas, as well as spending time at the beach and mountains.  Her interests include listening to and making music, outside activities of almost any sort, and reading books of varied genres.