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Lorri Perkins

5 MOUNTAIN® Advisor & Coach

Lorri Perkins has more than 30 years of experience in organizational consulting and leadership development with companies of all sizes and industries, many of which are family businesses.  Lorri began her business career on the front lines as a manager for General Electric:  for five years with GE Lighting and then with GE Silicones – first as the Manager of Training and then Manager of Customer Service. 

After completing her Master of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School (1995) Lorri worked six years for an international consulting firm based in Princeton, NJ, focusing on all aspects of Human Capital.  Certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Lorri is also one of 500 certified Dare to Lead facilitators trained by Brene Brown to lead workshops on the concepts and practices of Brene’s work captured in her best-selling book, Dare to Lead.

As a leadership coach, a classroom teacher, a facilitator, a sounding board or thought partner, Lorri’s work serves to optimize the talent in the organization and help them attain the results and impact they strive to achieve. Whether it is navigating change, preparing for generational or organizational shifts, anticipating growing pains, or modifying practices and habits, she offers valuable, impartial insight to support the organization and its leadership. 

Lorri has the ability to quickly earn the trust of key members in an organization.  She is exceptional in bringing a leadership team together to accomplish a stated outcome of a meeting or group discussion. Through coaching and the development of custom-designed workshops, Lorri can help organizations in the areas of leadership, conducting performance conversations, problem-solving, having meaningful conversations and goal setting.

Lorri lives with her husband and delightful golden retriever in Bucks County, PA.  She has three sons – HD, Will and Clay – and a wonderful hockey playing grandson, Tyler.