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Matthew Sullivan

5 MOUNTAIN® Advisor & Coach

Meet Matthew

Having grown up in a successful business family, Matt brings over 45 years of learning, managing and owning an aggressively growing family business. He has extensive firsthand experience in thoughtfully navigating family business complexities, including a long-term business partnership with nine — yes, 9 — of his siblings along with 6 third generation family partners.

Matt brings a whole-hearted spirit and deep managerial and governance experience stewarding their family business, Dunmore Corporation, a leader in the coated, laminated and metalized films industry. The 7th of 11 siblings, he understands the complexities of a sibling partnership. He has the emotional agility to navigate multiple roles in a family business, including the natural relational, emotional and organizational transitions. Matt guided his family through the sale of their 49 year old business which continues as a public international company. He has developed deep competencies in leadership, strategic planning, international business, leadership selection and mentoring, marketing and sales processes.

Matt has extensive experience with boards of family firms. He understands the “CEO side” of family boards  having served as family CEO reporting to independent directors as well as family directors for 20 years. Later he served as chairman for their European operation for 6 years. Matt currently serves on three family business boards. Matt and his family’s commitment to learning is reflected in their long-term membership in DVFBC’s Learning Community. We appreciate Matt’s eagerness to “give back” to other family businesses and welcome him as the second alumnus in our 32 year history to join our staff.

Before earning an MBA from Philadelphia University, Matt earned a Bachelor’s degree from Penn State in Business/Management/Marketing. Matt knows and has experienced the value of accountable peer groups for his own personal and professional development and success of his family business.

Matt and his wife Jennifer are blessed with 3 sons.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
- Henry Ford