The family business journey is naturally confusing, complex, and exhausting. There is no roadmap.

We can help.

Enterprising families who call us often ask, What is the path and where do we start to assure healthy family relationships and business sustainability?

We serve as your guides with experience in family dynamics, governance, proven principles and tools which include healthy communication and leadership competencies. Our 5 MOUNTAIN® Process is foundational in how we educate, support & guide business families forward.

How Can We Help?



We guide you in charting paths up your different Mountains and walk with your family step-by-step through structured individual, couple, and group discussions. We create safe places for important, delicate conversations which build family muscle, create robust organizations, and develop aligned, competent, and committed shareholder teams as you move through a myriad of transitions.


Peer Groups – customized for the Leading Generation, Rising Generation, and Women in Family Business – accelerate personal and professional growth. Learn from other family business leaders and seasoned experts how to navigate the tricky terrain of family business. Peer Group membership includes both group learning and individual coaching.

Education & Events

Our Learning Community has been a foundational and valuable resource for 30 years. Generations of family members and non-family key executives learn from, and with, each other and share their successes and failures at our Forums each year. Meet fellow travelers who share similar challenges, opportunities, and hopes for their families and businesses. Learn today, before the inevitable bumps in the road arise.

We create sacred space for authentic connections.

Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment.

– Author Brené Brown.