Real life conversations with other business leaders and inspiring presentations.

Gather around tables throughout the year with other family business leaders and members facing similar challenges for educational presentations by other business families and experienced experts in the field.  Learn best practices from those ahead of you on the Journey, connect with kindred spirits, and leave with hope, resources and tools for your next steps.

Decades of values, tradition, and experience form the foundation for family businesses. Each generation faces a more difficult challenge of transitioning to the next. Less than 12% of family businesses successfully transition to the third generation of ownership, even though they account for almost 80% of companies worldwide

The complexity of family businesses requires leadership in the business, in the family, and in the “messy” middle of ongoing transitions which are emotional, relational, and often unclear organizationally due to the overlapping roles.

Our theme for 2020 is Building Emotional Agility.  As depicted in our 5 MOUNTAINS®, a flourishing family is the foundation of a healthy family business. Since the family is an emotional system with shared family patterns, history, and messy complexities, it is vital that business families develop emotional agility to understand and address the unexpected and expected transitions and challenges the family and business needs to move through for generational success.

Each member firm will receive a copy of Susan David’s book, Emotional Agility which is a wonderful resource to launch us into this important life skill. We will explore these ideas together in our events and workshops this year.  For starters, view Susan eloquently and vulnerably in this TED talk on The Gift & Power of Emotional Courage.


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